Woodpeckers are inspiring.

This is my latest project, inspired by our local, friendly, red bellied woodpecker.

A friendly face

This male red-bellied woodpecker was carved from Basswood, painted with acrylics, sealed with lacquer and mounted on a piece of Birch. It is meant to hang on the wall.

The feather detail is the result of wood burning.The eyes are antique black glass eyes. I very much enjoy carving Red-bellies because they are neighbors and, I would like to think, friends.

Red-Bellied woodpeckers.

Red-bellied woodpeckers, both male and female, are frequent visitors to my bird feeder station. They are particularly fond of suet and raw peanuts. They are always entertaining to watch and listen to.

A Friendly Neighbor

For instance, this little guy is a frequent visitor to my house. Whenever I put suet out, he immediately comes to visit us. He’s a gregarious friend – and quite vociferous. He’s often joined by his lady friend. She’s an equally tough little lady who takes no shit. Especially with her mate.

The starlings often try to challenge these two, but they don’t put up with it. Thankfully, the starlings have learned to give this happy couple their space.


An ornament carving of a Grasshopper Sparrow I did a few years ago appeared in the Spring 2019 edition of Audubon Magazine.

It was part of an article titled ‘The Before Breakfast Club by Ryan Goldberg and photo by Camilla Cerea.



The Rampfest in Peninsula is this Saturday, April 27. I will be demonstrating woodcarving at the Log Cabin Gallery, which is across the bridge and up the hill from downtown. Look for the sign for the Log Cabin on the North side of Rt 303 just past the Riverlight Gallery. Walk up the driveway to the gallery. I will have items for sale in the Gallery along with other local artists. I will be demonstrating from 11am to 1pm. There will be other people demonstrating and there will be music.

Peddler time

It is less than two weeks until the opening Saturday of the 40th Yankee Peddler Festival at Clay’s Park in Canal Fulton,Ohio. ¬†Putting the final touches on some owls, woodpeckers, songbirds and raptors for the Peddler. Hope to see you there.