About Us


Our Approach

We specialize in birds carved from natural wood, woodburning detailing acrylic painted carvings. We work in basswood, catalpa, butternut, buckeye, and cedar. We use accents with basswood, chestnut, oak, walnut, cedar, butternut, cherry, and weathered barn siding.

Most of the carving is done by hand, with a fixed blade, as well as interchangeable blade carving tools. Band saws and routers are also used. in some parts of the process. But each bird is sanded and finished by hand.

Our Story

Bob Hansen, a native of NE Ohio, has been carving, woodburning, painting and mounting wooden carvings for over 29 years. He grew up in Cleveland, and was a 35+ year veteran of the Cleveland and Medina county school systems. After Bob retired from bring a teacher, he devoted his life to making beautiful wildlife carvings. Bob has been married to his lovely and intelligent wife Terri for 38 years. They have two wonderful kids.